DJ Packages

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Professional DJ packages are listed below. Our DJ's can play any type of music you want. We carry over 14,000 songs on each custom built PC and can acquire any song off of iTunes On Demand. We will work with you to design the perfect package and song list to make your night special and unique to you. We also carry a unique product called Visikord, which allows your guests to have a complete interactive experience, while also  entertaining them visually. We are one of the few DJ's in the world to have this incredible product. We are also fully insured.

Standard set up includes: two professional DJ's, a custom built PC with over 14,000 songs, our own table, 2 Main speakers, 1 sub-woofer, and fun all night. We will work with you to develop a play list of what to play and what not to play prior to the event. We can also take requests (or not take requests) from your guests based on our pre-event meeting.

Package Pricing By Event Type : Call 716-440-9493